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Action Clothing :: 108 Team

The 108 Team Collection was developed for school owners, competitors and instructors to promote and represent their martial arts school, team or competitive career. This collection is similar to our flagship 108 Clothing collection, which gives you a chance to wear and represent your rare or unique martial art styles. The 108 Team Collection also offers you the chance to sell and own many different types of clothing, like sweatshirts and muscle shirts, for example.


  • Rights to use one of 108's licensed, professionally illustrated designs.
  • Promote your school, style or tournament.
  • Sell and profit from your own clothing collection.
  • 108's Branding Power - Quality and Value.
  • Order as few as 1 to 108+ after initial order (Min 12 Pieces).
  • Your own clothing line in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles. T-shirts, long sleeve, muscle shirts, sweatshirts, hooded and zip hooded sweatshirts.
  • Design your own collection in 4 easy steps.
  • Having one of the most unique marketing approaches in the industry.
  • Free - Design and Setup.
  • Free - National and International Advertising:
    • Blackbelt
    • Inside Kung Fu
    • Grappling
    • Jeet Kune Do
    • MA Combat Sports
    ...just to name a few.

  • Free - Complete commerce and e-commerce solution:
    • Customer Support
    • Credit Card Processing
    • Take orders 24hrs a day 7 Days a week via internet, fax or mail
    • We also have a toll free phone for your customers
    • Web hosting and shopping cart program
    • Nothing to stock, or ship

108 Team
108 Team Roy "Big Country" Nelson
20 Products
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Cobra Kai Jiu Jitsu
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East Texas Self Defense Center
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Elite Martial Arts
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Kalsadapo Karate
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Hua Long Kung Fu School
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IMAT Submission Fighting
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Progressive Martial Arts
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