Action Clothing - We got you covered!

We know you hate walking around all day NOT proclaiming your love of all things martial arts, comics/anime and geek culture in general. Well we're here to help out with that. We're not saying that our Critical Strike gear is some serious +2 save vs [tough challenge] or anything like that, but c'mon...You know it's at least a +1 for all saves/checks involving the subject matter you're walking around displaying under your chainmail shirts and karate gi.

While wearing 108 Martial Arts Clothing isn't the same as a nice worn out brown belt, fraying on the edges, and speckled with the blood of your enemies and unfortunate training partners, but it's much more socially acceptable to wear it in the supermarket.'s wacky quirky side, representing our love of all things geek. All Critical Strike designs are created by Action and are 100% original illustrations created exclusively by If you're a geek looking for something to express your love of internet culture, video games, comic books or role playing games, check out Critical Strike Clothing.

All 108 Martial Arts Designs are 100% original illustrations created exclusively by Our designs reflect the many different styles and methods practiced and perfected by dedicated and casual martial arts practitioners throughout the world.